Sarasota Painting Service, Roof Cleaning, and Roof Coating.

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Alligator Painting is a recognized leader in the painting and roof coating industry.  We have been serving local Sarasota residents for nearly two decades. We look forward to beutifying your home with our painting products.  We will help you through the selection process of choosing the right color for your home’s exterior or interior and we will provide prompt estimation. 

The exterior of your home is like the hand shake and initial impression you will give any guest.  To maximize the wow factor we recommend our Sarasota roof coating system that will both seal your home from rain and reduce your monthly electric bill.  Kool Seal is an ENERGY STAR Rated roof coating proven to reduce energy costs, and according to having a white, reflective roof reduces the surface temperature of a roof by up to 100° F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into your building and reducing peak cooling demands by up to 15%.  In addition to sealing any leaks our roof coating system will be an asset that will help to reduce your cooling costs during the long FL summers.

Our Sarasota pressure washing service is perfect for cleaning all surfaces including: your roof, sidewalks, and pool area lanais.  Due to the FL moisture molds and grime tends to build up on the non slip surface of FL Lanai’s.  While our Pressure cleaning service will often due the trick sometimes repainting the lanai is the right solution.  We only use the finest paint sealant for Lanai’s and the difference will be remarkable.  Call us today to schedule an appointment for repainting lanai Sarasota or for our energy efficient roof coating product. 941-580-4740


Our Sarasota painting service guarantees satisfaction.  We take great care when entering your home.  We handle all interior paint jobs with our white glove ethics policy which means we leave no trace. Our Sarasota painters can handle both commercial and residential projects.  For an honest and experienced friend in the business call today and ask For John Conzo.